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Steve for Nyk [Cinidae Love~] :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 2 1 Cinidae Contest MYO 2nd Entry :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 4 0 Gift art of Philip. ^^ :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 2 0 Cinidae Contest MYO :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 2 0 Ask Anything! [Answer for SimplySascha] :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 0 0 Ask Anything! [First Kisekae Project] :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 0 3
Anniversary Letter 2
In the beginning, you never understood how frightened I was. How I'd recoil every time you looked at me. How I thought you hated me with every fiber of your being. So I hated back. At least I made an honest effort to. Your eyes would follow me, though - even in my dreams. And I'd get so scared, I'd go running just to get away from the fear. You terrified me. Every single part of you, down to the scathing comments. But you impressed me too.
I never thought that my punishment for misbehavior would saddle me to the thing I feared more than anything in the world, so I did my best to flee, to run away. But you were always a step behind me, glaring that indomitable glare and blaming me for life. I don't know what came over me, or how long it finally took to click. But it clicked. Even in the dark, it clicked, and when I opened my eyes, finally, I found you waiting there. Not the scary monster I'd imagined you to be, but something far greater than I could have dreamed of. A bit embarrassing h
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Anniversary Letter I
The moment I laid eyes on you, I hated you, yanno. You seemed smug, so sure of yourself, better looking than I was, better dressed, better prepared for life. Laying there and watching you thrive got under my skin in ways I couldn't imagine. So I shunned you. I hurt you. I baited you. I made every attempt to make you out to be the villain of all my stories, and the bane to my existence. Sometimes it's true, what they say in those plays. Greatest Love, Greatest Hate.
Going everywhere together was HIS idea, not mine. I wasn't in favor of it - and neither were you at the time. You used to make such a fuss. You used to drag your heels. Literally. Sometimes I had to sprint to keep up with you, too. It was never a slow jaunt, it was a run or a stop. Nothing in-between, even in your own eyes. I was blindsided by more than one thing in those moments, and I finally woke up.. to you.
When we started the band together, I remember we each had our bad habits. Self-destructive habits, habits that I s
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The Last Thing I Draw in 2014 and it's a Pony OC.. :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 1 2 Always... :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 3 11 Harder To Breathe :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 2 1
Home For the Holidays
There is a certain kind of sadness that accompanies the holidays. Sure, you've got your warm hearts, and mittens, and hot apple cider... But there are those of us who sit by the window and look inside. Unseen. Unnoticed. We watch while people share eggnog, tell ghost-stories, and slice up pecan pies. Somewhere deep down, it warms us up seeing these happy things that the rest take for granted.
Scarves, hot cocoa, and presents are all people can talk about in the streets. Who's getting what for who, and where's the best price to find item X. Me? I'm glad if I have a place by someone's window where I can fall asleep feeling the warmth from within. I don't have a scarf, but I'm furry enough that the cold doesn't REALLY bother me all that much. The snow is pretty, and the people who do stop and look at me are kind and gentle [mostly]. I've had the few odd kids that throw rocks, or try and step on me, but then again - who doesn't? I think the thing that I'd really like this year, though, San
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[Sample One] Waking Up Dead
To be frankly honest, it sucks waking up dead. Strange way to begin a story, but there you go. When I opened my eyes, I couldn't remember anything, and I was lying on the slab of a coroner's table with a little tag wrapped around my toe, one around my finger, and something else next to my head. For the time being, I ignored those. I have never been an extremely vain individual, but the second thing that occured to me as I lay on that table was that I was stark naked. Not the best of situations to wake up in. I was also cold, which aided in the expedience of attempting to solve the first.
Nobody but my girlfriend had ever seen me in anything less than my underpants, and no matter where I was or how I got here, I was damn well going to keep it that way. Feeling around for something to grip, I pushed myself up off the cold metal, and let my legs dangle off the side. So far so good. I was slightly dizzy, but it didn't really hinder me as I shifted my weight, and pulled the blanket that had
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Endless Forest: Revtheyr Human :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 3 0 CoS: Second Chance :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 1 1 CoS: Halo :iconarrikanez6:Arrikanez6 0 0

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I'm finally ready to announce my little forthcoming project! I know you guys have been waiting with baited breath, but it's finally time to unveil it. ... Since I pretty much finished the scripts. -Coughcough-
For the second project, I've come up with a concept and a niche, and I need artists.
The third project is STILL under-wraps. Sorry about that. It has to do with some of the same themes, though. I can tell you that much .

First off! I have virtually re-written my story Echoes in the Rain to fit into multiple formats, and am going to start work on three different formats for it - all of which I will need help with. Paid help. I'm also planning a bit of a surprise for my partner and best friend to go along with these releases. At any rate, I have worked out a pay-schedule for those interested. It may not be a professional-grade pay-schedule, but I still don't have an actual job yet. Working on that. One thing at a time, though.

Echoes in the Rain will be produce in three different formats - A Radio-play, a Visual Novel, and a straight up Manga. The script for the Radio-play is already finalized, and the visual novel and Manga both need artists. I'm going to work on the Radio-play [audio-book, pretty much] first.
TO DO THIS, I will need a small cast of voice actors. The 'types' and brief personality will be listed here. I WILL PAY YOU for your work, it just may not be as much as you're used to.

Type: Protective / Assertive {Homosexual}{Smoker}{Gently-spoken}
-- Echo is 30, and smokes, so it would be preferable if his voice actor could emulate what years of smoking does to a soft-spoken person's voice. The list of lines for audition for this character are extensive - thus, I will give them to you when you PM me with interest. This is a MAIN CHARACTER, and has a lot of lines. 

Type: Submissive / Energetic {Homosexual}{Drug-user}{Very quiet}
Raine is Echo's partner. He is written as 21, but anywhere from 19 to 25 are acceptable. He uses drugs, and his voice shakes ever so slightly when he's emotional, so the voice-actor needs to be able to emulate that. This character is a main-character, and the same line-rules apply for him. There are a lot. 

Type: Aggressive / Abusive {Straight}{Alcoholic}{Uber Religious}
-- Kenneth is Raine's father, and should be anywhere from 40 to 55. He has a gruff voice, and rarely sees his son as anything but a burden.

Type: Motherly / Driven {Straight}{Married}{Tolerant}
-- Lucy is Echo's mother. She should be anywhere from 50 to 54. This can be adjusted, because the woman is dead, and may have reverted to a younger self. Her voice should be a calming influence in the back of Echo's mind.

^ Right now, I am ONLY casting these characters. Once I have these base four, I will start branching out for fourteen more bit parts. PM me and let me know if you are interested, and which character you would like to read for. I am going to be insanely picky with the two mains, but that should have been a given. Payment will be discussed DURING the 'interview' before I give you any lines to read. PLEASE NOTE: I am poor. I don't have a job, and I never know when I'll get more money - but I will TRY and stick to any payment plan. Thank you. 



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